Standing Committees

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Explains ACEC views on service contracts to local government bodies; assesses and negotiates public contracts; and organizes educational events about contracts for members.

Chair: Eric Hall, HR Green
Email: [email protected]

Vice Chair: Brett Sachtleben, Atkins
Email: [email protected]

Board Liaison: Stephanie Anderson, Gradient Group

Meeting Times: First Thursday monthly at 10:30 AM (in person)

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Design Standards/Plan Review (DS/PR)

Acts as a liaison to suggest changes and additions to design standards and plan reviews for Houston, Harris County, and HCFCD. Also reviews best practices and design criteria for stormwater and wastewater management.

Chair: Chad Hartmann, Pape-Dawson
Email: [email protected]

Vice Chair: Dan Elkins, Kimley-Horn
Email: [email protected]

Board Liaison: Kim Sachtleben, Pape-Dawson

Meeting Times:
ACEC members only: First Thursday monthly at 8:00 AM (virtual)

Agency meeting: Third Tuesday monthly at 8:00 AM (virtual)

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Reviews issues and provides recommendations on delivering geotechnical services to public agencies.

Chair: Sharmi Vedantam, HVJ Associates
Email: [email protected]

Vice Chair: Julia Clarke, Raba-Kistner, Inc.
Email: [email protected]

Board Liaison: Jay Sunderwala, Ninyo & Moore

Meeting Times: Fourth Wednesday monthly at 3:00 PM (virtual)

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Membership & Program Development

Oversees new member recruitment; arranges educational programs and guest speakers for meetings; plans special events; manages the Emerging Leaders Program; and coordinates with ACEC Texas for state-wide events.

Chair: Anna Stehouwer, Arcadis
Email: [email protected]

Vice Chair: Tej Kour, RRP Engineers, LLC
Email: [email protected]

Board Liaison: Karun Sreerama, Concept Engineers, Inc.

Meeting Times: Second Monday quarterly at 3:00 PM (virtual)

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Small Firm

Dedicated to promoting and improving the business interests of small engineering companies, helping them achieve their professional and financial goals through advocacy, education, and networking.

Chair: Archana Sharma, Mead & Hunt
Email: [email protected]

Vice Chair: Priya Sharma, Concept Engineers, Inc.
Email: [email protected]

Board Liaison: Mark Gribble, Aguirre & Fields

Meeting Times: First Tuesday monthly at 10:00 AM (virtual)

Splash by car as it goes through flood water after heavy rains of Harvey hurricane storm in Houston, Texas, US. Flooded city road with big puddle of water spray from the wheels of SUV car roaring by.

Stormwater Management

Acts as a resource for public agencies and ACEC members on drainage and flood issues. Gives feedback on drainage criteria and permitting issues. Also reviews low-impact development criteria.

Chair: Chris Doherty, BGE, Inc.
Email: [email protected]

Vice Chair: Marcus Stuckett, Pape-Dawson
Email: [email protected]

Board Liaison: Andy Palermo, EHRA Engineering

Meeting Times: 
ACEC members only: Fourth Wednesday monthly at 8:00 AM (virtual)

Agency meeting: Fourth Wednesday quarterly at 8:00 AM (hybrid)

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Focuses on a comprehensive range of transportation-related matters and offers informed recommendations to local government agencies on transportation issues.

Chair: Floyd Scurry, Cobb, Fendley & Associates
Email: [email protected]

Vice Chair: Rob Maxwell, Westwood Professional Services
Email: [email protected]

Board Liaison: Michel Maksoud, DEC

Meeting Times: Second Tuesday monthly at 7:30 AM (virtual)

Environmental engineers work at wastewater treatment plants,Male plumber technician working at water supply

Water Resources

Monitors water supply issues relevant to the engineering community; collaborates with the DS/PR Committee on water-related criteria and guidelines; and offers review and commentary to local and state governmental agencies.

Chair: Lindsay Kovar, BGE, Inc.
Email: [email protected]

Vice Chair: Jennie Almerico, 5engineering
Email: [email protected]

Board Liaison: Emily Anderson, Halff Associates

Meeting Times:  (virtual)