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The recently approved NPDES Guidelines for the City of Houston and Harris County had substantial input from our Drainage Committee, including the designs for Best Management Practices (BMP). ACEC Houston members have developed a reputation of high technical expertise and thus are routinely requested to review and make recommendations to our public agencies on a wide range of design criteria, guidelines, policies and regulations affecting many types of civil engineering projects.

Our members worked closely with the COH on writing its initial Design Manual

Preliminary engineering was provided by ACEC Houston member firms for the first 14

Neighborhoods to Standard for the City of Houston.

Our Plan Review Committee was responsible for the “Express Plan Review Sheet” now being used by the County and City.

Our Contracts Committee worked with both the City and County to revise the engineering fee curves in 1995 and is working this year (2001) to update them again.

Drafted the first Design Criteria Manual and Detention Policy for Harris County Flood Control District.

Our Design Standards Committee worked with the City to modernize criteria for internal site drainage for development projects.

Deep versus Shallow Utility Lines Criteria was created through a study by ACEC Houston member firms for the City of Houston.

The policy statement “Observation of Construction for Utility District Projects” was drafted and executed by ACEC Houston member firms.


We have a Board of Directors and an Executive Director who guides the organization and interfaces with our public agencies; and directs issues to our committees for resolution. Relationships with the local government agencies are our greatest asset. Communication flows freely between these agencies and ACEC Houston.



Contracts- Communicates our concerns regarding professional services contracts to local public entities. Negotiates updates to engineering fee curves with the City of Houston and Harris County.

Design Standards/Plan Review – Provides the focus for review of design criteria standards of the regulatory agencies and plan review issues. Serves as a conduit to recommend revisions and additions to the various design criteria standards of the city, county and flood control. Meets with regulatory agencies monthly to accomplish its goals.

Drainage -Serves as a resource to the public agencies and offers our members’ recourse for drainage and flood control issues. Reviews storm water-permitting issues and drainage design

criteria. Keeps members apprised of new or changing regulations .

Geotechnical – Reviews geotechnical issues as related to civil engineering with public agencies at the direction of the Board.

Membership - Recruits new members; arranges special events for members; coordinates with ACEC Houston

 Transportation - Representatives from the Transportation Committee will meet with local transportation agencies and pursue global with those agencies, such as backage and frontage road policies; uncompleted major thoroughfare systems; local control of transportation projects.

Water Resources Committee will work on establishing design guidelines/criteria so that the water supply lines from/to the water plants will be compatible. The committee will meet with local agency staff and other associations recommends that he stay on the committee Regarding surface water supply issues